Here at The Exquisite Fit, LLC, we offer ready to wear (RTW) and custom compression, for both women and men, from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Whether if it is for upper or lower extremities, compression is made to increase blood and lymphatic flow to a specific limb or area on the body.

Your physician may prescribe compression for various reasons. Compression comes in many forms, at various strengths and sizes. If the swelling is very unique and/or severe, The Exquisite Fit, LLC can set up a consultation and measure for Custom compression. Here are just a few reasons why your doctor may want you in a compression garment:

Lymphedema of any limb or area of the body.
Whether this is from removal of lymph nodes from a mastectomy or other cancer related surgeries involving the arm, leg, and other areas of the body. Compressing veins make the blood move more quicky through your system, moving wastes out of the blood and then back to the heart. This helps in the total recovery process.

Blood circulation during long or frequent flights.
Compression garments, again upper or lower, can help in preventing blood clots and deep vein thrombosis which can happen during longer flights.

Venous Insufficiency, poor circulation that leads to visible veins, most likely on lower extremities.
High blood pressure increases inside veins and causes them to swell. This then makes it harder to get blood to travel back to the heart. Veins can become swollen at the skin level, causing soreness and pain.

Improvement in blood flow for certain career choices.
Many people are on their feet everyday for 8 hours or more sometimes need compression to help poor circulation. Depending on career, how many hours, how many years in career will help physician and yourself choose style and compression level that will benefit your condition.

Keeping an eye on back pain, poor posture and poor circulation in legs is highly important during pregnancy. There are many compression garments that can help during and after pregnancy to help these conditions.

Compression for Athletes and Exercising.
Even though athletes, trainers and physical therapists have been believers of compression for many, many years, it is now more recognized today by everyday people to use all types of compression garments as a regular staple in their daily workouts. We offer all types of compression for athletes looking to better their workout and increase blood flow throughout body which also helps in better recovery, removing lactic acids that do build up in the body. Compression garments keep muscles warm and flexible for better range of motion. It also increases the amount of oxygen found in the muscles. We welcome ALL athletes of all ages to come and visit us for medical grade compression.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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