This is a time for your body and mind to rest and take the time to heal inside and out. It is also a time to accept family and friend’s help, whether it be a trip to the store, a home cooked meal or a light dusting of the house. Please follow all of your surgeon’s orders.

Your doctor, without any complications, will release you to start to look at bras and breast forms, if this is the avenue that you have chosen. Some women may choose reconstruction as an alternative option. We are able to aid in that process as well. The Exquisite Fit, LLC also offers leisure bras, which are very soft, light bras that can hold a light prosthetic if you are not quite ready for an everyday bra and silicon prosthetic. Call us, and we will help wherever we can in what you have chosen to do.

We work with amazing mastectomy manufacturers. We offer a range of bras for every age. From sports bras, everyday bras to sexy bras! We also offer compression bras that you may need if there may be any swelling that your doctor feels should be treated with light compression for a couple to several weeks.

Also, we offer a wide range of breast prosthetics, whether it be ready to wear or custom. We are fully trained to measure for both types and will be happy to speak with you in regards to either, and check with your insurance company as to what will be covered.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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