When a client finds herself facing challenging scar tissue or contours of a surgical site that are not responding to a READY TO WEAR breast form, a CUSTOM breast prosthetic may very well be an option that she is looking for!  These forms are mad JUST FOR YOU!  Symmetry following surgery can be sometimes a challenge and a CUSTOM prosthetic may be the solution for YOU!

Today, there are so many options available within this realm of healthcare.  Full, partial breast forms….whatever you may be needing, just ask!  The advancement in how this is done and made is through amazing technology!  Your choices are endless:  size, shape to fit your chest wall, the contours to fit healed surgical sites, skin color, nipples size/color…….A state of the art 3D scanner (with and without a bra) to create a 3D model of your chest wall guarantees great accuracy when it comes to a perfect fitting Custom form.  Like a piece of a puzzle!

Breast cancer survivors who have gone through a full mastectomy (*unilateral/bilateral) or partial mastectomies, can absolutely benefit from the CUSTOM breast forms!

Most women do not even realize that a BREAST PROSTHESIS option even exists, let alone a CUSTOM PROSTHESIS!  We, as fitters, want you to feel confident and most comfortable as soon as possible.  Please let us, here at The Exquisite Fit, know how we can help in this specific category.  We understand there are many questions, including insurance coverage, and we want to help you make the best decision moving forward in your journey!